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Zhejiang Liming Intelligent Manufacturing Co., Ltd.



Address: No.89 Honglu Avenue, Xingang Park, high tech Industrial Park, Zhoushan, Zhejiang, China

Our mission:Change the world a little bit with technology and management

---The ultimate purpose of our existence Beyond profit and fortune
We firmly believed that we are changing the world
Our mission is like the sun, constantly emitting energy and leading the way


Our vision:To become the world's leading auto parts supplier

--- Leading market share, trustworthy, cost-effective


Our values:Ethics forge superiority, strive oriented, customer-centered and onsite problem solving



Ethics forge superiority

Passion for our country
Enterprising and virtuous

Forming cliques
Jealous of the virtuous

Honest and trustworthy
Caring for colleagues

Full of lies

Keep improving
High cost performance

Sloppy and hasty


Striver oriented

Hold aspirations
Embrace challenges

Muddle along and lack of purpose

Self-motivated, self-actualization
and dare to take responsibility

Unwilling to endure hardship
Avoiding responsibility

Teamwork and mutual trust

Conformism and fear of challenges

Independent thinking and identification with corporate philosophy

Follow the crowd



Truly considering the customer's requirements

Only considering one's own work and convenience

Striving to create value for customers

Smartassery to the detriment of customers

Possessing a strong sense of service

Departmentalism, bureaucracy, lack of concern for others who serve the customers

Providing products that are both high-quality and cost-effective

Fail to understand the next process is the customer


Onsite problem solving

Seek truth from facts
Conduct on-site investigation

Cheat by deception, divorced from reality and armchair theorizing

Seek the cause in oneself
Sincere assistance

Only identifying problems and complaining about them

Effectively solve problems from their own perspective
Effectively solving problems from within

Only pointing out other people's problems

Helping others solve problems
Going to on-site meetings

Refusing to collaborate to solve problems